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Types of contributions and Issues
Types of contributions and Issues 18.11.2014 | 02:33



Types of contributions


Full Papers – These include mainly accomplished research results and have 8 pages at the maximum (5,000 words).


Short Papers – These are mostly composed of work in progress reports or fresh developments and have 4 pages at maximum (2,500 words).


Reflection Papers – These might review recent research literature pertaining to a particular problem or approach, indicate what the findings suggest, and/or provide a suggestion – with rationale and justification – for a different approach or perspective on that problem. Reflection papers might also analyze general trends or discuss important issues in topics related to Applied Computing. These have two pages at maximum (1500 words).


Posters / Demonstrations – These have one page at the maximum (625 words) besides the poster itself (or demonstration) that will be exposed at the conference.


Tutorials – Tutorials can be proposed by scholars or company representatives. A proposal of maximum 250 words is expected.


Panels – Discussions on selected topics will be held. A proposal of maximum 250 words is expected.


Invited Talks – These will be made of contributions from well-known scholars and company representatives. An abstract will be included in the conference proceedings.


Doctoral Consortium – The Doctoral Consortium will discuss on going work of PhD students in an informal and formative atmosphere. Contributions to the consortium should take the form of either: a critical literature review of the research topic providing the rationale for the relevance and interest of the research topic; or a short paper discussing the research question(s), research objectives, research methodology and work done so far. Doctoral Consortium Contributions should have a maximum 2,500 words (4 pages).


Corporate Showcases & Exhibitions – The former enables Companies to present recent developments and applications, inform a large and qualified audience of your future directions and showcase company’s noteworthy products and services. There will be a time slot for companies to make their presentation in a room. The latter enables companies the opportunity to display its latest offerings of hardware, software, tools, services and books, through an exhibit booth.

What we do support


We invite all potentially interested authors to prepare a short presentation (paper) on Global Scientific problems to deliver state-of-the-art analysis, inspiring visions and innovative research methods arising from interdisciplinary and genuine research.

Authors are invited to submit papers for presentation at the virtual conference, and also publications describing their current research and development.

We proposes a wide range of scientific areas those can attract authors:

1.         Social Sciences

2.         Humanities

3.         Natural Sciences

4.         Computer and Information sciences

5.         Engineering and Technology

6.         Medical and Health Sciences

7.         Agricultural Sciences

8.         Special section


        Social Sciences

o   Psychology - Cognitive science, Applied psychology, Social psychology, etc.

o   Economics and Business - Economics, Econometrics, Business and Management, International trade, Micro and macroeconomics, Banking, Financing, etc.

o   Educational sciences - School education, ICT in education and learning, Formal and Non-formal education, etc.

o   SociologyDemography, Anthropology, ethnology, Social issues, Family studies, Social work

o   Law - Human rights, History of law, Legal studies, constitutions, comparative law, etc.

o   Political science - Organisation theory, Public administration, etc.

o   Other social science



o   History and Archaeology - Cultural heritage, cultural memory, Historical geography, etc.

o   Languages and Literature - Literary theory, Linguistics, etc.

o   Philosophy, Ethics and Religion - Theology, Philosophy, history of philosophy, etc.

o   Arts

o   Other humanities - Human rights, History of law, Legal studies, constitutions, comparative law, etc.


        Natural Sciences

o   Mathematics - Pure mathematics, Applied mathematics, Statistics and probability, etc.

o   Physical sciences - Atomic, molecular and chemical physics, Nuclear physics, Optics, Acoustics, Astronomy, etc.

o   Chemical sciences - Applied and industrial chemistry, Organic and Inorganic chemistry, ...

o   Earth and related Environmental sciences - Mineralogy, Palaeontology, Geology, Environmental sciences, Climatic research, etc.

o   Biological sciences - Cell biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and molecular biology, Genetics, etc.

o   Other natural sciences


       Computer and Information sciences

o   Computer architecture - Hardware platforms, Parallelled computing, Cloud computing, HPC, etc.

o   Networking - Network design, Signal processing and transmission, Sensor networks, Ad-hoc networks, etc.

o   Software - Software design and development, Operating systems, Open source, Design patterns, etc.

o   Web development - Information systems, E-commercem, E-business,

o   Intelligent systems - Artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Human Computer interaction, Image processing, Pattern recognition and classification, etc.

o   Databases - Data processing and management, Data storage, etc.

o   Other Computer and Information Sciences


      Engineering and Technology

o   Civil engineering - Architecture, Construction, Transport engineering, etc.

o   Electrical and Electronic engineering - Robotics and automatic control, Automation and control systems, Computer hardware and architecture , etc.

o   Mechanical engineering - Applied mechanics, Thermodynamics, etc.

o   Chemical engineering

o   Materials engineering - Ceramics, Coating and films, Paper and wood, etc.

o   Medical engineering - Architecture, Construction, Transport engineering, etc.

o   Other engineering - Space, Aeronautics, Nano-technology...


       Medical and Health Sciences

o   Basic medicine - Toxicology, Anatomy and morphology, Immunology, Pharmacology and pharmacy, etc.

o   Clinical medicine - Paediatrics, Hematology, Surgery, etc.

o   Health sciences - Epidemiology, Nursing, Public and environmental health, etc.

o   Other medical sciences


       Agricultural Sciences

o   Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

o   Animal and Dairy science

o   Veterinary science

o   Other agricultural sciences


       Special section

o   Inovation for human life

o   Smart cities

o   Inovations reducing bureaucracy


      And other...


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