We have provided proofreading and editorial services for both students and teachers and have academic editors for most subjects offered by EU universities.
THIRRJE PËR BOTIM, e-KONFERENCE adicciones – Spanjë në bashkëpunim me European Academic Research – Gjermani, BotimeKonferenca.com–Shqipëri, organizojnë Call for Paper për pjesmarrje në : · Botime me ISSN apo ISBN, të indeksuar Impact Factor · e-Konferencë me ISSN,
BotimeKonferenca 2016
BotimeKonferenca 2016 Ne në BotimeKonferenca.com, për vitin 2016, kemi projektin e fuqizimit gjithëpërfshirës të botës akademike shqiptare. Programi përfshinë, një vistër të gjërë aktivitetesh kryesisht nga fusha e
Types of contributions and Issues
Types of contributions and Issues Authors are invited to submit papers for presentation at the virtual conference, and also publications describing their current research and development
Services to publishers
Services to publishers IGOAR has gained popularity in the international community and is respected for maintaining a high quality of services. With English speaking editors who are highly qualified in different subject areas, almost all subject areas can be handled competently. We operate in several countries in EU, and other part of world in different platforms of cooperation in organizing conferences, virtual conferences and special edition of paper publication. Our mission is to provide practical support for academic, scientific, technical, and popular research communication in all subjects, countries, languages, and media for researchers of all over the world.