About Us
About us
About us
IGoAR was established in 2014 in Republic of Kosovo and we now present a international network for researchers, science writers, editors, translators, illustrators, and publishers of Balkan Universities, with international Board and Review. 
We have provided Editing, proofreading and editorial services; peer-review, language translation, manuscript formatting ...  for both students and teachers and have academic editors for most subjects offered by EU universities.  We aim to meet the growing demand for English-language services from academics and business people around the world. Our service provides wide-ranging academic proofreading and editing services for PhD theses, journal papers including scientific documents, books, research proposals, essays and other professional documents.
All of our staff offer excellent customer service and prompt replies to customer inquiries. We are pleased to report that customers frequently recommend our academic proofreading and editing services to friends and colleagues.
We are one of the largest proofreading and editing service worldwide for research documents, covering all academic areas, under strong cooperation with The Proofreader Manuscript (UK).
We cover all academic materials including:
  • PhD theses,
  • dissertations,
  • conference papers,
  • journal articles
  • scientific documents,
  • books,
  • research proposals,
  • essays and
  • and other professional documents.

IGOAR (BotimeKonferenca) has gained popularity in the international community and is respected for maintaining a high quality of services. With English, French, Albanian and German speaking editors who are highly qualified in different subject areas, almost all subject areas can be handled competently.
Also we have organized successfully several conferences with publishers and many special edition of paper publication of researchers, PhD, PhD c. of Balkan Universities.
You are invited to take advantage of our services that are affordable and of high standard; in arranging further editing scientific papers, monographs, academic research, professional scientific analysis and academic and journalistic projects. English accuracy is a major determinant of a publisher’s quality and value. Please ensure that proper value is added to your services and products. You can go an extra mile to assist authors in proofreading their manuscripts.
We kindly invite you to attend Us, with our cooperation Partners like Progressive Academic Publishing, SKAP, adicciones-online, The Global Impact Factor, Texila American University, Scoop, and more than 100 other publishers, which stands for Global Virtual scientific forum. Share your research results to wide audience, submitting and discussing your paper. We guarantee fair and quality scientific reviewing process, on time publication and post conference processing.

We would like to highlight; this year edition are aimed especially for students and young researchers but not limited to novice researchers only. Our vision is to motivate early career researchers to get feedback from senior researchers and move forward.
Please click here to download First Project for 2016 
 Send email to info@igoar.com, editor@botimekonferenca.com,
for more details and opportunities!